Unrecognized media came from individual creators that wanted to do bigger and better things by working together, helping each other out and coming up with the best ideas for your project.

We consist of two creators with a bunch of other amazing creators that we call in when needed. We love the whole process with everything from planing with you to execution to edit and finally to deliver or publish the finished work.

With one of us leaning more toward photography and the other one towards film we have it all covered and we are excited to make you stand out to your new customers.




My name is Peter Fredriksson, I´m 23 years old and I do what I love for a living which is to shoot video and photos. I grew up in the Swedish forest and found out about my passion to create by filming goofy cellphone videos with my childhood friends in my early teens but then I quickly after graduating highschool moved to Stockholm to evolve my craft as a creator and I have now run my own business for almost 4 years.

As you can see on this website I love variety so I shoot pretty much anything no matter what it is. If you have an idéa that you want to bring to life, hop on over to the “Contact” form, shoot us an email and we´ll take it from there!



I’m Eric Bergenstråhle and is a 24-year-old guy from Stockholm, Sweden that loves, except photography/content creation, all type of sports but mostly football and then to travel.
I started with photography in early 2018 when I got my first drone and went on a backpacking trip. Later the same year, when I saw the possibilities to capture all the amazing moments I was experiencing, in my own way so I felt it was time to invest in a camera as well.

I left Sweden again for a couple of months traveling and took the time trying to learn as much I could, to develop my own style, and to create a type of photography that I enjoyed shooting.

With that said, I was shooting a lot of traveling stuff until I got back to Sweden, where I started my new career as a freelance photographer. My focus has so far been mainly on music/ event photography and capturing artist on and off stage, but I also have experience of other types of photography as you’ll see in the portfolio



Hey, my name is Ruben and I´m 24 years old and as the other guys, based in Stockholm.

My career as a filmmaker started when I was living in the middle of the Swedish woods in my childhood and just as Peter me and my friends would do these goofy videos and the process of creating in video form really stuck with me!

I moved to Stockholm to continue on that path and now after 5 years here, a degree in film and tv production and e few years in the business I´m ready to help Unrecognized go to new hights!